Samsung Active Watch 2 has been around released for quite a while now, and after all these months now is the perfect moment to say. That this watch is the epitome of perfection in the realm of smart watches. Samsung Active Watch 2, and the Apple Watch 5 was released in a similar time spam, yet the wearable capable of running the Android OS seemed to perform way better.

Apple Watch 5 may have some stunning features, but what truly captivates the audience is the ability to customize. The Samsung Active Watch 2 aspiring to make the lives of its wearers easier has been packed with a variety of different features to help every day task become easier.


Now, to talk about the best features of the active 2 as a fitness wearable. It comprises of many workout apps, that help you reach your daily goals faster and with more accuracy. Though some of the apps may perform better than the others. But in overall efficiency this is probably the best fitness wearable in the market. You get a heart rate sensor, sports apps, cool Samsung watch features, and customizable widgets. With this particular device making this a fitness watch specifically designed to appeal your perspectives.


We talked about the differences between the specs of Samsung watch 2 and the apple watch 5 series, another great reason for you to choose this particular device. Is the remarkable difference in the prices now the Samsung active 2 costs around 299$ while the apple watch 5 is about 399$ and the variations in the watch just keep getting more expensive. So, you clearly know what the budget smartwatch should actually be worth.


Another reason of why you should opt for alluring Smart watch is because of the stunning straps it has to offer, while apple only occupies the current black and while version of straps. The android watches will always seem to have a bit more creativity to them so, even if you don’t seem the current straps reasonable. You can always get ones customize for yourself at pretty low costs, making the watch look as fresh as possible.

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